Why Bactiguard

Infection Control

Infection Control is a top priority for Trauma Surgeons. Below are some key statistics and opposite is our patient video, which highlights the reason infection control and prevention is such a priority.

3.2 million


In Europe, 3.2 million patients are
estimated to receive a healthcareassociated infection (HAI) diagnosis each
year, of which an estimated 37,000
have proven to be fatal.4

€7 billion


This leads to 16 million extra-days
of hospital stay and costs approximately €7 billion annually across Europe. 5



More than 65% of the infections are related to biofilm.6,7 In orthopaedic trauma, an estimated 30% of cases may result in infection8, with almost 80% of all open fractures presenting some bacterial contamination.9

Bactiguard Technology

Bactiguard Technology is a thin, durable10 and non-eluting noble metal (gold, silver and palladium alloy coating) that is designed to firmly attach to the implant surface.

When the coating comes into contact with moisture, the noble metals create a unique galvanic (or battery) effect that generates tiny pico currents on the implant surface, designed to reduce bacterial adhesion and subsequent risk of biofilm formation.

Bactiguard with ZNN

The first Zimmer Biomet product to have the Bactiguard coating will be the ZNN System.

Offering the combination of a unique non antibioticeluting, anti-infective coating with a clinically successful intramedullary nailing system1-3.

This pairing is designed to provide a promising solution for addressing implant associated infection and improving patient satisfaction and outcomes.

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